Inspired by the influence that color has on our emotions, the Emotional Color Theory Card series is an innovative approach to tap into the deeper meaning behind the colors and moments of everyday living. Each unique blank card personifies the emotion that a particular color embodies. Give the gift of color by diving in deeper than the eye can see.

A gentle gesture of a spark of creativity. In times of doubt or fear, offer yourself or someone close a reminder of their innate creativity ability and breathe a newfound passion into their work. A big occasion is not always needed to make a statement – sometimes a gentle gesture of care is even more impactful.

Terra: Leading with a strong sense of intuition, your moral compass navigates you. Expecting the most out of yourself and those who surround, you are filled with a great deal of passion and courage - a rare gem. Like the layers of the Earth, you are profound. Through tapping into your purpose of creation, you thrive. By exploring new mediums and allowing your heart to guide, you are a true work of art. A haven of comfort, your presence allows others to feel safe and supported. You embody a form of self expression that informs others about hidden remains within themselves. A muse to all, your vibration reaches new frequencies. 

A2 folded card + envelope – 5.5’’ x 4.25’’

Sold as a single card.

Original art on luxe recycled stock in beach with a corresponding envelope in beach.

High quality printing.