"You know there's a purpose for your life. You long to live a life of true significance, and as you consider your life, you feel the pressure to do somethingwhatever that may beand do it quickly. 

We've sensed it too, and we understand the ache you feel. More than any other generation in history, ours is a generation that feels the weight to do something, be somebody, make a difference, and then publish it to the world. But striving for significance only leaves us emptier than before. It does nothing to quiet the longing we have or assist us in finding our purpose.

We believe God wants to invite you to something greater, something bolder and full of truthTapestry Magazine is an invitation to discover who you were made to be within the framework of God's design. As you do, we believe you will see more happen in your heart than you ever dreamed possible." - Tapestry Magazine Mission Statement