The Romanian Blouse, 1940.

Henri Matisse image from an out of print vintage book mounted on chipboard for casual propping or easy framing.

8" x 10.25”

also available framed in a standard beech frame with glare free plexiglass.

12.75" x 16.75" total framed size

Portraits figure in large number in Matisse's work, and he was sufficiently attached to them to produce a luxurious album devoted to their reproduction at the end of his life.

La Blouse Roumaine is an oil-on-canvas painting by Henri Matisse from 1940. It measures 92 × 73 cm and is held at the Musée National d'Art Moderne in Paris. The inspiration for the painting seems to have been Elvira Popescu, Elena Văcărescu, Anna de Noailles and Marthe Bibesco.