Wild Morning

Wild Morning

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[The Story]

Like most projects, The Wild Morning was fueled by curiosity and a strong cup of coffee

Founded by photographer Dave Puente and writer Brittany Chaffee over two coffees and a notebook - Dave was intrigued by the vulnerability of the early hour and Brittany had felt urgent to tell the true story of women. In one hour, a battered notebook page started The Wild Morning.


 [The Process]


The Wild Morning concept is simple: we capture women as they begin their day. All women featured in the book are told to wake up, open the door and do whatever they normally do. No make up. No wardrobe. Just the women. We take pictures, talk to them, listen to them. Write about them.

But, The Wild Morning women are not simple. They are complicated and excruciatingly wonderful. And strong.

Prince once was quoted saying, "That's where society is. You're gonna get a woman president soon. Men have gone as far as they can, right? ... I learn from women a lot quicker than I do from men. ... At a certain point, you're supposed to know what it means to be a man, but now what do you know about what it means to be a woman? Do you know how to listen? Most men don't know how to listen."

Do you know what it means to be a woman? The Wild Morning is the message carrier. The Wild Morning will tell their story. The Wild Morning will give the world an opportunity to listen. Because, the Wild Morning isn't ours anymore. It's theirs.