Minnesota based artist and illustrator Kayla Ann is known for her playful patterns, bold line work, and endless love of plants and flowers. She blends elements from the natural world, mid century design, vintage motifs, and nordic folk art to create drawings, surface patterns, and mixed media works. Her style combines drawing with pops of color and modern shapes; inspiring joy and bringing awareness to our innate connection with nature.

Digital creation printed on archival paper

Prints 16” x 16” 
Original 16" x 16" 
Framed 21” x 21”
"My piece for “Wonders Never Cease” is a reflection of the wonder that I find in my life journey and the world around me. This continuous line drawing acts as a map, depicting the twists and turns of life, finding joy along the way, and ultimately coming back to myself with a deeper understanding of my place in the natural world. My hope is that the work reminds viewers of their own life paths and the wonders that exist in life's journey. We can all find joy in the mysteries of life, and the wonders of our paths never cease."