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Sarah Leu 

I have dabbled in many different creative pursuits throughout my life. With all the mediums I’ve explored, I’ve noticed they share similar themes. Play, nostalgia and storytelling inspire my work, often with a good dose of humor. On the flip side, making art involves a good amount of internal struggles. The voices of perfectionism, negative self talk, and resistance can overwhelm me and shut down my creative force if I let it. Using playful humor and tapping into my imagination with a lighthearted silliness will mostly silence these voices, and that’s the sweet spot of creating that brings me joy.
Sarah Leu is a mixed media artist living in River Falls, WI with her vintage collections and favorite people — her husband, two sons (one is in college) and a curly haired dog that is terrified of every quirky 1960s tchotchke she brings home.

Title: "They were in Love and headin’ down to Wonder Town, the place that fueled their souls with awe"
Acrylic, collage and graphite on gallery wrapped canvas
Prints 8”x10”
Canvas Original 40” x 16”
I create with a curious mind and playful spirit, and through this piece I want to take you on an imaginary journey to Wonder Town. A road trip where everything on the journey is new, exciting and stimulating to all the senses, using this as a reminder to slow down and see the simple things in your own life with fresh eyes, as if everything were new again. For me, whether it's wandering through a vintage shop being fueled with inspiration, an ever-changing sunset, a song I play fifteen times in a row because I notice something new each time, or a happy little bird perched on a road sign, these small moments of awe are little nuggets of joy that I could be missing if I'm not curious and paying attention. In this road trip journey called "life" we all have our share of speed bumps and breakdowns but by taking regular road trips to Wonder Town, we can fuel our soul tanks with bits of joyful love and curious wonder.