Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-5.

Returns: At this time, Golden Rule purchases are final due to the small batch and handmade nature of our offerings. Of course, we want you to be delighted and will strive to fix any issues that may arise. We are grateful for you, our loyal customers, and can make exchanges when small or reasonable.

Artist Submissions: We happily accept submissions via email. Please send clear images of your work, your wholesale pricing structure, and an artist's statement to goldenrulecollective@gmail.com. Entering into a contract with GOLDEN RULE does prohibit you from a retail presence anywhere else in the zip code 55331.

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we will only contact you if it's a fit. Please do not be discouraged if your work isn't chosen as we have a narrow aesthetic that is specific in every way and must fit with our seasonal gallery wall and theme. We thank you for your interest and as always wish you well in all endeavors whether you partner with us or any other shop.
Employment Opportunities: Golden Rule Gallery is familial —hopefully in a healthy way and not in the obnoxious buzzy way businesses like to claim in more recent times. We are in one another's lives and enjoy being together, so it's rare to let anybody go and new additions need to be well thought out on multiple levels.
We are looking for intelligent, thoughtful, empathetic, social, artful people with an appreciation for the beauty of creating and connection. When you work at Golden Rule, you represent more than just yourself and we understand that this isn't for everyone. We have found that the best fit is with a person who is familiar with Golden Rule and has felt a spark of knowing or being known while perusing our offerings and chatting with our team. If you feel this describes you and that you might be a magical fit in our space and our community, please reach out via email goldenrulecollective@gmail.com with in the subject line "GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY." Please include your résumé, social handles, and a personal statement regarding your experience at Golden Rule and how your values, vision, and strengths align with our ethos.


Golden Rule Gallery, 350 Water Street, Excelsior, MN 55331
612-598-2098 / goldenrulecollective@gmail.com