Vintage 1937 art print of Courbet's (1819-1877) After the Hunt in deep rich tones with vibrant reds. 

10 3/8" x 14"

Commentary at time of printing as part of a collection of the world’s greatest paintings in 1937: Gustave Courbet, the first realist among 19th century French painters poked fun at the romanticists. "Show me a live nymph and I'll paint one." he said. His early pictures were rejected by the Salon, but Burial at Ornans in 1850 won him wide acclaim. Napoleon III offered him the Cross of the Legion of Honor, but he refused it. In 1871, he was elected to the Paris Commune and when the Vendome Column was destroyed by the Commune, he was fined $60.000, the cost of restoring it.

He went into exile and died in Switzerland. All his life he was a noisy, vulgar egomaniac, but he helped to bring back nature and reality to art.