8” x 10” giclee print designed by Francine Thompson for Golden Rule Gallery.

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the uprising in our beloved city, I have been moved to help, to change, to do something. I have made missteps and assume that I will continue to do so, but I have committed to educating myself, and both doing and being better and more mindful. The more time passes and the longer I sit with my questions and discomfort, the more I feel the truest and most appropriate response for me as a white woman is to BEAR WITNESS. This concept isn't new and I am not special or unique in employing the action and intention. It feels imperative that this moment doesn't slip away and that the momentum isn't lost. But I think it's also imperative that I know my place. My voice in this is not important or necessary, but bearing witness, amplifying BIPOC voices, and supporting BIPOC owned businesses and startups without centering myself is both important and necessary.

I have long wanted to work with Francine and we had tossed around ideas, but without clarity or a fire lit under me we tabled our discussions. This moment felt like the right time to partner with her as my purpose is now singular and clarified. She took my loose instructions and masterfully created a beautiful series of typographical art prints (and postcards coming soon) that needed no edits or adjustments. I am proud and honored to offer them to you as an opportunity for us all to show solidarity in a lovely way -- a daily reminder in our homes not to turn away and to stay both soft and strong. A call to retain our empathy and be moved into a positive sea change again and again.

Proceeds from the sales of these prints will be donated to a rotating list of BIPOC owned business start-ups in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area and also to The Page Education Foundation. Full transparency will be provided in an ongoing manner. 

Golden Rule stands with Black Lives Matter.