Durable, comfortable, and classic — the Boyfriend Socks will become one of your closet staples with their retro gym sock look and modern cozy cushiony feel. These are the taller version of the Girlfriend Socks.

The founders of Le Bon Shoppe met in the fashion industry and bonded deeply over their mutual love of vintage-hunting, natural textiles, and the road less traveled. Le Bon Shoppe is inspired by their personal search for the perfect staple items for their own closets. Their vision is to create beautiful, stand alone pieces that live beyond the whims of seasons with a focus on natural textiles, simple designs, and prismatic colors.

Standard Size: Womens 6-10

Extended Size: Womens 9 and up or Mens all sizes 

Content: 85% Cotton, 13% Polyester, 2% Spandex