Butterflies are wonderful pollinators. They connect us with nature and are an essential part of a dynamic eco system. However, these insects which were once a common sight in gardens, are now in decline due to climate change and pesticides. This seed mix is designed to help create a vibrant habitat for these brilliant creatures, whilst adding color and life to your garden.

This wonderfully colorful wildflower seed mix contains corn poppy, corn flower, corn marigold, corn camomile and corn cockle. The intensely colored blooms of wildflowers are an excellent magnet for bees and butterflies in the garden. Scatter the seeds thinly over newly raked soil and water well. Wildflowers like full sun and well drained soil.

To ensure your flowers flourish, make the first cut (to 5cm) in early march and the second cut once the flowering period is over - September/October. Be sure to remove all the cut material to allow them space to bloom.


Seeds - 5 grams per m2.