Introducing the Emotional First Aid Kit - a powerful collection of salves for life's most challenging psychological situations. Just like a medical first aid kit, this counterpart offers immediate support in times of crisis. Created with wisdom, kindness, and experience, this kit provides the guidance and comfort you need when facing emotional difficulties. Though we hope these situations are rare, knowing how to respond can give us confidence and resilience.

Consider this kit as the presence of the wisest and most thoughtful individuals, offering their guidance and support right when you need it most.

Emergencies Include:

  • ‘I can’t sleep’

  • ‘I’m in the wrong job’

  • ‘I might be turning into an addict’

  • ‘I’m so envious’

  • ‘I don’t know how to make friends’

  • ‘I will never find the right partner’

  • ‘I’m going to be disgraced’

  • ‘I’m a failure, I’ve wasted my life’

How to Use the Kit

You might…

  • Keep the kit somewhere close to hand in readiness for life’s most testing moments.

  • Read through the whole kit to steel yourself for challenges you may one day face.

  • Give one to a friend experiencing a moment of crisis.

The design is modelled after medical first aid kits, reminding us of the crucial importance of emotional as well as physical health.