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An exploration of overlapping cultural, environmental, and deeply personal identities, the Identity Issue features immersive interviews, stories, essays, and recipes that celebrate the powerful and energizing diversity of this place. Read about artists, a beekeeper, a ceramicist, a farmer, a distiller, a gym owner, and so many more inspiring individuals.

A Note from the Editor: “The stories within this issue explore identity from a wide array of perspectives and come together to form a comprehensive web of interwoven individual identities. These inspiring people call Minnesota home, and through their voices, we set out to navigate the greater cultural, geographical, and environmental identities in Minnesota. In spending a great deal of time with these stories, I found ideas to ponder on both a personal and broader community level. From a young artist, I remembered the significance and simple joy of everyday human connection—and the value in sharing their stories. From a successful ceramicist, that working with intention and playfulness whilst listening to your vision gives you control in telling your story in an authentic way. From a beekeeper, how listening to and connecting with the natural world can broaden our understanding of life and our place in it.”