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Kapha Dosha Cleansing Bar is an invigorating peppermint tonic to help energize the skin while providing a deep and luxurious clean. This formulation is suitable for oily skin. Use withKapha Dosha Body Oil for a truly balanced experience. 

The Ayurveda Doshas: In Ayurveda three doshas are responsible for governing our biology, psychology, and consciousness: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Everyone is made up of all three but one is typically more dominant. Learning your unique dosha makeup can help you create a daily holistic regime.

Kapha Dosha: Ruled by water and earth elements, Kapha can be characterized by heavy, cool, oily, slow and vicious qualities tendencies. 

USAGE:  Lather with water, apply and rinse.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Saponified Palm, Coconut and Olive Oils, Essential Oils, Organic Dried Peppermint.