My sweet mother is as close to being a saint as they come. Does everyone feel that way about their mother? She is incredibly talented, patient, kind, and wise. She has a stunning and effortless soprano voice and an incredible talent for translating what she sees in almost photographic like accuracy onto paper. She is altruistic and humble. She is effortlessly and naturally beautiful -- never devoting much time or attention to her appearance or earthly treasures, while still having a preternatural talent for making a beautiful home.

Growing up, I was aware of every scarf, hat, and piece of jewelry she owned. Small treasures purchased before a trip or on a trip or passed down from a Grandmother or her older sister. Everything had a story and nothing was flashy. In particular, I remember a tiny pair of pearl drop earrings. This pair of pearl and sterling drop earrings is my take on those. They feel innocent and sophisticated at the same time. They aren't showy, but they feel precious. They feel like her - my Marnie Jen. I've paired them with a photo of my mother's confirmation photo - it only feels right. 

Freshwater pearl and sterling silver. Lovely for gifting on a special occasion or wearing every day. Classic, timeless, thoughtful, accessible, and understated.