Vintage Georgia O'Keeffe MOMA art exhibition poster professionally custom framed in maple in such a way as to not compromise the integrity or value of the piece.

Artwork measures 27” X 24” in total

An amazing addition to any collection.


Georgia O’Keeffe’s Evening Star III, 1917. 

Georgia O'Keeffe. Evening Star, No. III. 1917

Assistant Curator, Esther Adler: This is one of 10 watercolors that O’Keeffe made in a series depicting the evening star. In 1917, she was teaching art at a college in Canyon, Texas and responding to the landscape there through watercolor.

Director, Glenn Lowry: In her autobiography, O’Keeffe wrote:

Georgia O’Keeffe: We often walked away from the town in the late afternoon sun. There were no paved roads and no fences, no trees. It was like the ocean but it was wide, wide land. The evening star would be high in the sunset sky when it was still broad daylight. That evening star fascinated me...I had nothing but to walk into nowhere and the wide sunset space with the star.

Glenn Lowry: O’Keeffe conveys this vast sense of space with just a few brushstrokes.

Esther Adler: We get these wide bands of watercolor that are so vibrant and just seem to kind of spread across the paper on their own volition. And I think the movement of the watercolor and the way it washes across the paper here is very reminiscent of what she must have been feeling and seeing when she was walking across this broad landscape.