Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe, Oven Safe to 300 deg F. Stainless steel wire clamp, airtight natural rubber seals, rounded body. Perfect for: preserving/canning, pantry storage, fermenting, soups. Utilize these brand new, versatile Le Parfait glass jars to preserve your seasonal harvest, revitalize your pantry storage and bulk-goods shopping, serve up a decadent homemade spread, or craft the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Le Parfait glass preserving jars are popular because they are made with all-natural materials, are easy to use, save you time in your daily schedule, offer a large range of various sizes and styles, are simple to clean, and the global website supports you with engaging resources.

Le Parfait was founded in the early 1930s in Reims, France, at Verreries Mécaniques Champenoises (VMC), a major glass-making company. With a steady production of high-quality wares and a product line that has continuously evolved to meet consumers’ changing needs and desires, Le Parfait served the glass jar market throughout the 20th century. The brand built its presence in grocery shops and general stores all around France, helping make it household name! Despite its venerable age, Le Parfait has never been so modern!

Le Parfait jars are popular today because they respond so well to the latest trends:

• Reducing environmental impact through re-use and recycling

• Focusing on healthy, natural, local food

• Respecting the seasons by enjoying products at the best time of the year, at the best price

• Enjoying the excitement and fun of homemade cooking

• Eliminating plastic consumption and reducing waste

• Sharing time and thoughtful gifts with family and friends

• Engaging with a time-honored lifestyle Le Parfait now brings these versatile, highest-quality products of French lifestyle and culinary perfection to the Americas.

Whether your community is reaping the delicacies of a summer harvest, stocking a pantry with kitchen essentials, gifting the perfect homemade holiday treat, or designing their specialty goods' artisan packaging -- help them PRESERVE, STORE, SERVE, and DÉCOR with Le Parfait glass jars!