Introducing this pack of 52 cards designed to spark deep and entertaining conversations about what truly matters in life. With this deck, you can kickstart meaningful dialogues, whether you're engaging in introspection or sharing thoughts with others. Each card holds the potential to delve into thought-provoking topics, encouraging introspection and connection.


1. Introduce your friends gently to the topic in this card set. Tell them, with a smile, that you’ll be drilling into nothing less than ‘the meaning of life’. Watch them shudder, laugh with them, but then keep going.

2. Put the cards face down on a table between you.

3. Take it in turns to pick a card. Answer with complete sincerity and as much depth as you can muster – but don’t avoid laughter where it’s called for. Watch your ideas about yourself achieve new focus.

4. This game can happily be played on your own, for example, as a prompt when writing a diary.

52 cards | 91 x 67 x 20mm | For Adults | Minimum 2 players.