A classic and romantic rendering of the female form hand tipped onto a heavy sheet of paper with lovely signs of patina. A rare treasure.

Jupiter and Antiope is an oil painting by the French artist Antoine Watteau. It is also known as the Satyr and the Sleeping Nymph and was probably painted between 1714 and 1719. Intended to be placed over a doorway, today it hangs in the Louvre in Paris.

Jean-Antoine Watteau was a French painter and draughtsman whose brief career spurred the revival of interest in colour and movement, as seen in the tradition of Correggio and Rubens. He revitalized the waning Baroque style, shifting it to the less severe, more naturalistic, less formally classical, Rococo.

8.75 x 6" oval image had tipped in on 13.5" x 10" heavy paper.

Printed in Paris in 1939.