Vintage 1950 hand tipped in lithograph of Picasso’s Longchamp (1901).

Commentary on the work circa 1950: In 1901 Picasso is twenty. He has come to Paris from Barcelona several times and is now about to settle permanently in Paris. He has already become familiar with the scenes in fashion in the world of painting, and the racecourse now inspires him as once it had inspired Degas, Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec and many English engravers. The austere discipline of his "Blue Period," though imminent, is still in abeyance, and Picasso now is obviously infected by the prevailing taste for bright colours, a legacy of Impressionism. Here he makes great play with patches of colour, while keeping them under adroit control and creating a harmony in which the tones perfectly balance and complement each other.

10.5” x 8” lithograph hand tipped in on thick 12.5 x 10” paper.