A rare vintage offset lithograph after the oil painting "Fisherman with Lines" (1908) by Raoul Dufy. This blithe little painting has all the flavor of a relaxed summer afternoon. This lithograph is from the First Limited American Edition folio published in 1954 - one year after the death of Dufy, which makes it a nearly period piece. Signed in the print. Printed on one side. Hand tipped in on heavy paper. Information on the original artwork is found by lifting the plate. 

Image 10.5" x 8.5"
Overall 14.5" x 11"

Raoul Dufy has swiftly become a new favorite of mine. This passage written by Sam Hunter sums him up in a delightful little snapshot.

"After painting as a Fauve, Dufy was in turn influenced by Cézanne and the Cubists. He continued following along the paths of modern art with a sprightly and charming step all his own during the next decade, developing a personal idiom that emphasized graphic elements, that was tender and decorative in color, and that gave a witty and worldly twist to the serious art of his time. He painted a sophisticated and pleasure-loving world with a curiously innocent and detached eye, in piquant colors and with an ingenious, faintly mocking line."