A rich petite vintage offset lithograph of the oil painting Girl In Green (1909) by Henri Matisse. Image hand tipped-in on a sheet of heavy paper and affixed to chipboard backing for maximum ease in styling whether framing or propping. 

Hermitage, Leningrad 

Currently known as "Woman in Green" 

Image: 3.75" x 4.75"

It took courage to pose for the extraordinary portraits Matisse made before World War I: The Girl with Green EyesThe Algerian GirlGirl in GreenGirl with Black Cat. The confident gaze and frank body language of these young women, painted almost a century ago, speak directly to us today, although contemporaries could see little in these portraits but meaningless jumbles of color outlined in ugly black brushstrokes. The sitters included the painter’s then teenage daughter, Marguerite (always one of his favorite models), and two of his students. But the one he returned to most often was a professional model named Loulou Brouty, who spent a whole summer with the Matisses in a remote Mediterranean fishing village in 1909.