Full color tipped in lithograph on heavy vintage paper and mounted to chipboard for maximum ease in styling whether propping or framing.

Work of art dated 4/30/1936.

"One afternoon, the Maestro lingered for a moment beside me before going into his studio to work. As we were climbing the villa's massive staircase after lunch I had been thinking of a picture copied earlier, of a wretched brunette woman seated on the floor of a windowless room. She stared into a darkening room, as garlands of withered flowers dangled from her hair. A comb had fallen to the cushion beside her. Dully admiring her faded image she did not know that beauty had fled. I again placed the canvas upon my easel and told Picasso it was the saddest painting I had ever seen. The Maestro looked just for an instant, then muttered, 'That was the worst time of my life.'"

7.75 x 9.25" image tipped in on heavy paper.