Losses, big and small, turn your world upside down. What’s Your Grief? will help you through all of them. Many life changes need to be grieved, from the loss of a loved one to the loss of a job, from a breakup to a relocation, and all the rest of life’s ebbs and flows. In What’s Your Grief?, mental health professionals Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams help you examine, investigate, and move through the complex but universal experience of grief.

Through seventy-five engaging, informative, and accessible lists, such as to-do (and not-to-do) lists, bucket lists, interactive lists, and more, you’ll discover:

• 5 Little-Known Truths About Grief

• 4 Reasons Guilt Is Even More Complicated Than You Think

• 9 Tips for Communicating What You Do (and Don’t) Need

• 7 Common Defense Mechanisms

• And much more


There’s no single way to experience grief. But this unique book will help you move through whatever it looks like & feels like to you.

Author - Short: Haley, Eleanor, Ms

Pages (actual): 208