Embroidery Floss and Graphite on Canvas

Canvas 23.5” x 13” custom professionally mounted and framed in maple  18” x 29”

Prints: 5"x7" and 8"x10"

Alice Bennett is a young visual artist and photographer who primarily focuses on 2D work. She is currently working towards a BFA at the University of Minnesota. She likes for her work to involve a distinct color palette, surreal elements, as well as references to magic and nature.
"Wonders Never Cease means for me there will be a silver lining through the worst, and that the only way out is through. I learned a lot as I was making this piece, and since I finished it. Art, and for me embroidery, comes as a sort of therapy, and making this piece through the prompt of “wonders never cease” has taught me that through the bad, comes good." - Alice Bennett