Ashtyn Sibinski is a studio artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received her BA in Studio Art from the University of Northwestern St. Paul. With a combined background in studio art, design and experiential marketing and events, Ashtyn has developed a curiosity for the way a person experiences and responds to visuals; This is regularly explored in her body of work. Within each collage, painting and mural, she seeks visual harmony by way of shape, color and texture. Her creative process is fueled by an eagerness to combine colors and an excitement for rearranging shapes.

Paper collage
16” x 19”
Eleven months ago, I made a decision that would influence my focus, passions and relationships altogether. The decision: to leave a "dream job" I received not long after graduating college and stayed at for almost two years. After spending two years feeling like a puzzle piece trying to squeeze into a space where it looked like I should fit, I boldly made the choice to move forward and start over. Since then, I have clarity and I see a direction for the first time. I know what I'm running after and that feels unbelievable. I have been continually overwhelmed by the reception of the creative path I have chosen. Just like the lines in this piece keep going and continue to shift, doors just keep opening and I have been so surprised.