Megan Burke Harris

Megan Burke Harris is a designer, illustrator, and ceramic artist. She currently runs Tinyloud Co., a small-batch ceramic studio focused on home goods and jewelry. When not working in clay, Megan creates digital illustrations that tend to focus on texture, pattern, and hand lettering.
Giclee Print
8" x 10"
Original 7.5” x 10”
Framed 12.5” x 15”
The most lovely part of existing in this world is the ability to wonder. It gives us the power to find endless magic everywhere we look. Take, for example, gazing up into the stars. What an incredible thing to feel so small and so large all at once. There is humility in not knowing what will happen next, and there is hope in knowing that anything could happen next. The ability to wonderis how we are able to approach these unknowns without fear. We shape our world by how we choose to observe it.