Madeline Haigh is a designer, calligrapher, painter, and hand lettering artist living in Northeast Minneapolis. Creating art has always been her passion, and calligraphy gives her a beautiful intersection of her love for design, typography, and creating with her hands. She loves spending her time at museums with her Dad, drinking wine with her friends, and at her home cooking food or making art.

Digital creation printed on paper

Original 10" x 10"

Framed 15” x 15”

As a child, I was told to make a wish on a shooting star, to imagine my desires and extend them to the universe for consideration. Maybe it’s a longing for control – asking permission to change what is into what could be. Once I experienced enough time, I realized that even if what I wished for came to fruition, the actuality of reality was never what I imagined. It is easy to become jaded, or simply caught in mundane days; easy to forget to allow unpredictability and to surrender to a moment of presence. The stars still give me pause at the magnitude of existence, the beauty of possibility, and the necessity for the belief in childlike wonder.



Made Line Studio: @madeline.studio