Alcohol ink on synthetic acid free paper

Prints: 9” x 12”

Original: 12” x 16” custom professionally mounted and framed in Maple 17” x 21”

Natalia James is a self-taught, abstract artist, and designer. She is PHO obsessed. It wasn't until moving to Bloomington, MN that she really focused on creating for others, as well as for herself.  She found she was drawn to abstract art after diagnoses of depression and anxiety. She is a firm believer that art is meant to be shared with the world and that creativity is truly a beautiful gift that we are called to cultivate and foster - both in ourselves and in others. It is her hope and dream that you find beauty and inspiration in her work.

"When I make my art I want clients to see the depth and layers.  In a way it’s a reminder to stop and wonder.  When I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety August of 2018 so many where surprised.  I didn’t seem to appear to be someone who would struggle.  Around the same time I was diagnosed  I found this abstract medium. When I create I want people to stop and wonder about the layers just like we need to stop and wonder about people and the layers to them.  Not everything is as it appears on the surface." - Natalie James